RPA to support remote employee in Covid-19

The coronavirus crisis unfurls far and wide and in all our communities. This has brought a sea change in how businesses operate and they are now undergoing remarkable changes in the corporate world because of the pandemic. The biggest of all being, it constrained numerous organizations to instate brief remote working, which has further created challenges around profitability.

Work-from-home RPA Bots- An organization’s Silver lining

If the situation feels all gloomy, then here’s something to lift up your spirits- To battle these challenges, organizations worldwide are now leveraging the smart technology of RPA Bots and are coping up quite well with it. There is another class of use cases that have now likely become quite important with remote working and Work-from-Home (WFH) as per the new standards. It is entrancing to see how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is permeating over numerous dimensions of these WFH situations. Let’s check how.

Shipment Fulfillment Bots Ordering WFH Kits

Bots can easily place an order for RSA kits, Remote Access Services (RAS), as well as Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) to enable effortless remote working for all the employees working in an organization.

Setting up Remote Working Stations for all the Employees

Companies are effectively making use of RPA bots in order to automate and streamline the processes set-up remote working. They encourage a simpler, error-free enrolment of the new equipment, set-up clients for VPNs, and tag the representative ID with their respective registration number of the freshly purchased equipment.

Monitoring Employees’ Internet Connection Bandwidth

Bots naturally ingest their employee’s residential postcodes, verify their home broadband as well as the 4G network in their neighbourhood, and request that the representative give all the required details on their home broadband plan. This makes it easy for the organizations to assess the current circumstance of every remotely working employee and set the tasks on where to invest and where not to. This allows all the organizations to assess the circumstances, pinpoint issues, thereby accelerates its resolution.

Remote Employees Getting Visibility to Secure Monitoring Tools

All the federal organizations are making use of bots that routinely take screenshots of all the significant monitoring tools and send them to remotely working employees. This helps them get the necessary visibility into the monitoring tools that they do not have access to otherwise.

IT Operations and Incident Response for Remote Work

Automation of IT Operations comprises automation of Incident Response processes, day by day IT undertakings, and auto-remediation while working remotely. Remote working is adding a lot of workload to the IT team in terms of issues like application access, internet connectivity, VPN access and password reset tickets. RPA can help the IT team by automating such rule-based tasks and reduce the team’s workload.

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Participation Bots

These are the Bots that help and characterize all the work routines for every employee of the organization and guarantee adherence by sending alerts to all the employees of the organization through automation. These RPA bots additionally guarantee the participation of employees and logging of work hours performed by every employee of the organization working remotely.

Tasks Tracking Bot

The bots help the employees to keep a track on their work development, manage work events, attach files, and share all the significant things with all the colleagues.

The Meeting Scheduler Bot

As the name suggests, the bot builds the meetings for each column of the Excel record. This bot will spare the client hours in the day by automating the complete scheduling procedure for a representative.

Leave Tracker Bot

Employees communicate by messages requesting leave for a predetermined set of days. The bot then sends a message to the employee’s appointed manager and once approved, the leave is recorded in the backend framework and the representative is advised accordingly.


Work from home bots- Effective, Efficient, Effortless

This sudden work from home culture has put pressure on everyone. To reduce this pressure, organizations are leveraging RPA bots. The RPA bots empower employees by automating mundane-repetitive tasks. This benefits organization in improved productivity and greater accuracy through automation.

RPA has been boon to organizations especially in this difficult time. How is your organization using RPA during Covid-19 pandemic? Let us know.

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