RPA for healthcare during Covid-19

So far, Robotic Process Automation has had the most significant effect on the Healthcare sector across the whole value chain of the industry– right from Diagnosing and Testing, to Monitoring and providing treatment, and other operational efficiencies.

Below we have illustrated the top use cases that are being executed today.

Boost up the COVID-19 Testing and Reduce Wait Times

The attended bot takes patient information, combines it with the medical clinic EMR records, records the C-19 test outcomes, and sends them to the appropriate Health Departments, (for example, the CDC). This boosts up the COVID-19 testing by over 90%.

Speed up Patient Diagnosis for COVID-19

Hospitals utilize a mobile-based survey to finish off the primary diagnosis for patients, which is then followed into different centres of multiple platforms. RPA totally automated this procedure effortlessly, to let loose the data entry authorities and essentially reduce the time of diagnosis.

Step up Radiology Results for COVID-19 Detection

Hospitals are now making use of Artificial Intelligence and RPA based systems for CT scans (chest X-rays) for fast testing, which results in a reduction of patients’ wait time by over 70%.

Plan Remote Patient Consultations 24/7

Bots are now allowing the patients to automatically request their desired appointments with the help of video consultants, this is guaranteeing the day in and day out accessibility of booking service for patients thereby reducing the hustle.

Accelerate COVID-19 Vaccine Development

Automating the development of basic clinical testing data over numerous applications/groups to reduce the prolonged time for the purpose of developing the COVID-19 vaccine.

Health Screening Bots for Monitoring the Health of Employees

Attended bots to track and monitor the health status of all the employees where the bot hails off if in case anybody containing high body temperature is detected. This allows organizations to respond rapidly to remediate the circumstance.

Track COVID-19 Updates and Monitor Risks

Bot filters different kinds of information sources on the web aggregates limited information into an everyday report, and mails the latest count of cases in the region, provide proper guidance on getting tested and provides other fact-based supportive resources.

Manage the Safe Return of People to Now COVID-19 Free Areas

RPA is helping screen passerby traffic move through open public zones. The bot breaks down the information and incorporates a real time-based traffic report, as well as gives alerts when the traffic flow is in danger of being excessively dense.

Contact Center Support to Manage Queries

Attended bots are now helping to reduce the heap of medical contact centers and other correspondence channels by taking care of incoming calls and other inquiries related to COVID-19 symptoms –, for example, eligible medical advantages, nearest testing centers, tips on remaining healthy, and so on.

Order Fulfillment for Surge in Medical Supply Orders

Unattended bots handle the expanded volume of bulk orders, for example, hand sanitizers, clinical supplies, and so on to facilitate the strain on acquisition groups and avoid the stock-outs/delays in basic supplies.

Accelerate the Onboarding of Emergency Staff

Bots can accelerate the procedure of potential new recruited employees by 10X via automating procedures, for example, police checking and checking the previous employment status for healthcare providers.

Rapid Patient Registration

Bots can check the enrolment status of patients in the current database and register new patients. They can additionally separate patient history and data of effectively enlisted patients.

Managing Testing Requests

Automating the process of registration and administrative tasks identified with managing the testing demands elimination of human errors and permits advanced paperwork to be handled rapidly.

Streamlining Healthcare Claims

Automating increased the level of calls and consistent changes in the policies helps the health and life science associations to make processing quite quicker and simpler by following and examining payments precisely.

Other than Healthcare, RPA is likewise helping different parts of industries as well –, for example, Travel and Hospitality, BFSI, Essential Retail, and Public Sector among others – in order to automate the basic use cases and guarantee both business coherence and client experience.

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